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Welcome to the all-new HATT website. Its revamp is the latest leadership initiative by HATT, a community of 4000+ CXOs & senior IT professionals across India.

The site serves a dual purpose; an online library of high quality information – updated daily – that helps the CXO to excel at work. Plus, with an assured audience of top managers, it is the best platform for you – the product companies – to reach a vast audience that’s interested in you. hattglobal.com is the voice of the industry, from a whole new perspective – the CXO community.

HATT is an outstanding collective of top-level decision makers in their organizations and influencers of their verticals.

Advertiser Support – USP

  1. The portal democratizes advertising with low rates and the latest ad-serving software. This inclusive approach allows even SMEs never before access to the larger community and to achieve high visibility and impact with moderate investment.
  2. Advertisers have the ability to customize promotions and track its success via detailed reports provided at no extra charge.
  3. The new portal is scheduled for launch in the coming weeks. We invite you to take advantage of the two inaugural offers available to present your brand and increase your sales to HATT’s high quality audience.

To advertise/know more/partner, please call:

Chandresh Dedhia +91 9819 602061, marketing [at] hattglobal [dot] com

Alan D’Mello +91 99 2040 2412

Get To Know The Site & Our System

Schedule: While editorial is updated daily, promotions & advertising are based on a weekly schedule i.e. 07 days (Sunday-Saturday).

Ad sizes & slots: There are 04 ad sizes & up to 08 ad slots, depending on the page. Up to 04 ads are served per slot.

Categories: The website is divided in to 04 categories, ranked by the popularity & age of the section/page. Each category contains a selection of sections/pages, the rates across the category being the same.

File types: Presently only standard ad format (.jpg & .gif) are accepted. Rich media will be enabled at a later stage.

Timing: All timings are as per calendar day, 00:00-23:59 hrs., IST. The standard week is Sunday-Saturday, 00:00-23:59 hrs., IST.

Maximum duration: The upper limit per ad, per slot is 07 days. It can move to another page or slot on the same page & can return after 07 days.

Currency: Indian Rupee.

As a non-profit body, HATT is thankful for your support but does not endorse the products or companies listed on the website. All product information is subject to review and is provided by the product/company concerned.

Ad Rates & Inaugural Packages

Pricing: The rates are attractively priced to encourage all sections of the industry to participate. The rates start from INR 20/-.

Package Terms & Conditions

  • 02 complimentary add-ons are being offered with the booking of these packages – ‘Add-on 1′ & ‘Add-on 2′.
  • ‘Add-on 1’ will be identical as primary (Paid) purchase in value & ad slots.
  • ‘Add-on 2’ will be equivalent to the value of primary (Paid) purchase, the ad slots can be different.
  • Add-ons should be consumed within 21 days (Add-on 1) & 42 days (Add-on 2) from the first date of ‘primary’
  • All bookings are for a minimum of 07 days per slot.
  • All dimensions are W x H.
  • Mid-week ads will be calculated on pro-rata basis, leading into the next week, at the higher value.
  • These packages are valid for booking till March 31, ’15 and for completion by 23:59 hrs. on May 15, ’15.

E. & O.E. Taxes are extra, as applicable.